The NBA’s environmentally sustainable arenas

13 04 2010

I haven’t announced it yet because the official banner hasn’t been made, but I have my own blog, Stack’s House, on It’s going to take a business-related slant at the NBA. That doesn’t mean I’ll be writing confusing, math-soaked stories about NBA Store sales or which NBA arenas have more attendance than others. (Although you can be sure to see both topics covered there.) What I will be writing about are stories about social media, energy conservation, international news — anything that has ties in the NBA and business.

My newest story is another step in that direction. When writing a story last week about the NBA’s Green Week, I learned the Portland Trail Blazers’ arena, Rose Garden, became the third arena to become LEED-certified when it was award LEED Gold certification earlier this year. That caught my interest and I decided it needed more coverage. I love the freedom the SLAM crew gives me for my stories and I wanted to take advantage of the longer-form stories we’re enabled to write on the Web.

Hope you enjoy the story and I will certainly re-visit this topic when more NBA arenas go LEED. It’s guaranteed to happen again.

Click the link below to read the story

NBA LEEDing the way




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