John Starks is a businessman

8 04 2010

I never thought I’d talk to John Starks about his line of zipper-laden workout gear, but that’s exactly what I did at the NBA Store last week as part of its week-long Spring Jam. Zipway is a cool brand led by zipaway, rather than tearaway, pants. Shorts, shooting shirts and shooting jackets, which aren’t necessarily zipaways like the pants, are also included.

Starks is a very nice guy who laughed out loud when I asked him if he’d rather see more trash talk and physical play that personified the NBA era during his prime — the mid- to late ’90s. I have a feeling he wanted to say “Hell yeah!” but instead he gave a rather diplomatic answer. It seems like most Knicks fans will remember Starks for his 2-for-18 performance in Game 7 of the ’94 Finals, but perhaps they can remember him for being a hard-nosed defender, capable scorer and a tough guy on many very good Knicks squads.

Click the link to read the story below.

John Starks Doin’ Business




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