The Mets are always wrong

2 04 2010

Would you expect anything less from the Mets than for them to advertise their team with a player expected to hit the DL?

Poor Mets fans. Even the Mets marketing department can’t get things right. This is a picture taken from a subway platform — 96th St. on the 6 line to be exact.

Now, I don’t know when the image for this ad was green lighted, but I can’t imagine the Mets feel good about this considering Jose Reyes will be starting the season on the DL with his thyroid issue.

A Mets apologist would claim that the team wanted to get fans revved up with the expected return of Reyes, who spent most of the off-season recovering from a hamstring injury. The thyroid issue came up in Spring Training and was an unforseeable circumstance. But for safety’s sake, why couldn’t the Mets have gone with two of their other superstars, either David Wright or Johan Santana? Mets fans would get excited to see either of those guys with the season approaching. I just don’t understand why the risk was taken with Reyes, who was somewhat of a question mark to begin the season healthy during his recovery from the hammy injury.

Here’s another problem I have with this ad. The text says ‘We believe in getting dirty’ yet all the picture shows is Reyes staring longingly into the distance — probably at a blonde — with a bat resting on his shoulder and a donut visibly on the bat. Couldn’t they have found a picture of Reyes sliding into a bag to snag a stolen base? The same could’ve been done with Wright, who’s not afraid to get down in the trenches.

To summarize, nothing about this ad makes sense. Which makes it perfect for the Mets.

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2 04 2010


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