How to increase your vertical

30 03 2010

This doesn’t involve magic shoes or a secret pill. Unfortunately, there is no easy path to improving how high you can jump. In fact, most moderately athletic men and women have minimal potential improvement to increase their vertical. As Chip Schaefer told me for this article, most of us are limited primarily by our genetics. He knows a little something about genetically-gifted athletes since he’s the Director of Athletic Performance for the L.A. Lakers.

Now that I’ve possibly made a few of you depressed, read the story to find out which workout myths to increase the vertical are inaccurate and what tips two trainers and a kinesiology expert gave me to help everyday Joes gain a little more explosiveness every time they jump.

Click on the link below to read the story.

Improving Your Vertical Leap




2 responses

31 03 2010
Page Seven

Nice article. I always hate working out my legs, but I guess I should pay more attention to it. Also, I like how your bio references dunking in the 8th grade.

31 03 2010

Nobody wanted any piece of me back then.

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