My night with the Nets

29 03 2010

I had family in town for the last week and a half, which meant I was hanging with them when I wasn’t working. That also meant I ignored many other parts of my life, including this blog. That chain of events led to my postponing a post about the Mar. 16 Nets-Hawks game which I attended with my buddy and fellow writer Tom Lorenzo.

I wasn’t sure how I wanted to mesh my thoughts of the game along with the photos I took, but I feel like the easiest way is to post the most relevant photos with lengthy captions explaining the scene. And that’s what I’ll do. Oh, I should explain something. The seats for this game were behind the basket on the visitor’s side of the court, roughly 15 rows up. The total cost for both tickets via StubHub, including taxes, was $25. Go Nets!:

Update: Due to technical difficulties of posting images on here, I’ll make this Part I. Part II — and possibly a Part III — will run tomorrow.

This is roughly 45 minutes before tip-off. The usher had a forlorn look, like she was thinking to herself, "Oh boy, these people spent money to go to this!?" You might not have guessed it, but there wasn't a palpable sense of optimism in the arena.

It's fair to say that the arena was sparsely populated at tip-off.

This is the only clear photo of game action. My camera was about as accurate as Courtney Lee's jump shot.

Time to complain about the world's worst-ever invention. There is no sensible reason to use thundersticks. By far the most annoying part of a person's interaction with thundersticks is when they "test" them by banging them repeatedly even when the situation in the game doesn't call for it. I suppose the person is trying to judge the sticks' range of noise -- hello idiots, you already know what sound it makes! Stop it! Don't get me started. I hate these.




One response

29 03 2010

aaaaaaahahahahaha welcome to my world. isn’t the izod center awesome? what are the chances you paid more money to get there / parking than the actual tickets?

on the upside, the nets featured a “winning streak” (of 2) over the weekend to avoid the worst record ever in NBA history. also, 60 minutes did a nice special on the russian billionaire. it was weird hearing such a successful businessman sound so confident he will take the nets out of their $200+ million inherited debt. anyway, he also made no secret that he’ll be gunning for lebron or wade this off-season.

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