NBA rules social media

24 03 2010

There’s no question as to whether every sports league should embrace social media. Twitter and Facebook are here to stay, so incorporating those platforms as a foundation to market a league should be expected. It’s free to set up a profile on both sites and the value retained is out of this world.

After discovering that the NBA’s Facebook fan page surpassed two million fans earlier this month, I wanted to find out if the NBA is maximizing its ability to market through social media. You’ll have to read the story for the answer but let’s just say there are an overwhelming number of options for businesses to connect in the social media spectrum. And the fun in that area has only begun.

Click on the link below to read the story.

Social Throwdown



One response

24 03 2010
Page Seven

Great article man.

It makes sense that the NBA is doing this, it always seems to me that the NBA is the most youth oriented pro league, which is why it’s kind of shocking to see a possible lockout looming. But I guess it’s a complicated matter.

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