LeBron already in NYC

24 03 2010

LeBron James doesn't have to play for the Knicks to make a New York City billboard on the same block as Madison Square Garden. (Photo by Kyle Stack)

I can admit when I’m wrong. As I strolled to Macy’s today, I noticed a particularly large billboard of LeBron James dominating the intersection of 34th Street and 7th Avenue. For those of you who aren’t fully aware of NYC geography, that would be the same block where Madison Square Garden sits.

I wrote last month that LeBron could enhance his marketability by moving to New York City and I cited an increased billboard presence in the city as one reason for it. Well, as you can see from this picture, Bron Bron is fully embedded in the New York billboard scene. (And MSG can be seen in the background, toward the lower left corner.)

So I’d like to alter my position and officially state that Mr. James should do damn well whatever he pleases once he becomes a free agent. The man can obviously thrive from a marketing standpoint even if he continues to call Cleveland his NBA address.




3 responses

24 03 2010
Page Seven

How awesome would it be to have a billboard that size anywhere you wanted? Fucking fantastic.

24 03 2010
Page Seven

I mean to elaborate on that:

Say your girlfriend cheats on you. You dump the bitch and just happen to find out where new dude lives. Boom! You put up a billboard this size of you right in front of his apartment. Sweet revenge.

24 03 2010

Haha, that made me laugh out loud. It’d be enhanced if the eyes lit up at night straight into dude’s apartment. “I’m watching you!”

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