Bellotti is a hustler; NBA Store prize

20 03 2010

I enjoyed writing the University of Oregon football team post from the other day. I just didn’t realize how quickly I would be revisiting the subject.

Less than a week after the football team’s highest-profile player — Heisman Trophy-contending quarterback Jeremiah Masoli — was suspended for the upcoming season because of a guilty plea to a second-degree burglary charge, and only days after firing Ernie Kent, the men’s basketball coach of the last 13 years, Oregon athletic director Mike Bellotti announced he was jumping ship to join ESPN as a college football analyst. How convenient for him.

Belloti, who took over as AD in July after a successful 14-season career as Oregon’s football coach, should be held accountable for  the nine football players who appeared on police reports in the last few months. Five of them have been suspended for all or part of the 2010 season or kicked off the team. Then Kent was fired, which wasn’t a terribly irresponsible move until you come to the realization that Bellotti shirked his responsibility to find a successor by skipping out of town himself.

It’s the responsibility of the head of an organization (or team or franchise or whatever else you want to call a group of individuals under someone’s helm) to find replacements for the open positions created by that head man’s personnel decisions. All Bellotti did was create a mess that has to be fixed by someone else. At least he might have done the UO program a favor in that the new AD could kick football coach Chip Kelly to the curb for permitting such recklessness and undisciplined behavior to exist on his football team.


No Quote of the Week from this past week because I have family in town. And I’ve been working a lot, which means I didn’t give myself the time to run through enough stories to find quotes. I know your weekend was already ruined by my not posting a QOTW so I won’t press any further.


I won a prize: @NBAStoreNYC posted a trivia question Friday morning: What record did Dwight Howard set at All-Star Weekend? I saw the question immediately and responded with what I was only 50 percent sure was the correct answer; that Howard’s record was for the longest made shot from a seated position.

Turns out I was right and the NBA Store gave me a prize package for my correct answer, which I picked up at the store on 52nd Street and 5th Avenue. Here it is below, with the video of Howard’s shot beneath it. Thanks to the NBA Store!

I correctly answered an @NBAStoreNYC trivia question on Twitter and the Store gave me this in return. Turns out I needed a duffle bag so the NBA Store saved me some coin.



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