LeBron in purple and gold — with Kobe?

11 03 2010

Tell me that title doesn’t give Knicks, Cavaliers, Heat, Nets, Celtics fans a huge collective heart attack. This is one of a few dramatic scenarios rolled out by Roland Lazenby in a recent article for HoopsHype.com.

Lazenby reports that according to a plugged-in source to Phil Jackson, Bron wants to wear the purple and gold next season. He wants to play for Jackson, assuming Jackson re-signs with the Lakers. Of course, Lazenby adds that Phil and Bron could trek together to New York to join the Knicks. Oh yeah, he throws in a doozy later in the article — that Phil, Kobe and Jeanie Buss (Phil’s girlfriend and a high-level executive with the Lakers, not to mention the Lakers owner’s daughter) have a master plan to switch to the Clippers next year. The number of possibilities thrown at the wall in the story can make your head spin.

As a fan, I’ve learned to simplify circumstances as much as possible. Is it conceivable that Bron would play for the Lakers next year? Sure, when you factor in the commercial/movie opportunities available, the team’s championship tradition, the weather and the players Bron could team with for championships galore. One other factor: L.A. presents more career opportunities for Bron’s entourage.

Is it likely Bron enters Lakerland? About as realistic as him going to the Knicks without any other star. Too many options are proposed in the story to take them seriously. I can’t imagine two supreme alpha dogs like Kobe and LeBron will ever play together. That they formed such a strong cohesion on the Redeem Team doesn’t mean a thing. Part of the reason they played so well with each other was probably that they understood it was only a temporary thing, so they might as well have soaked it in while they could. A full season with each other could drive each player positively nuts.

I don’t see Kobe leaving his situation with the Lakers. They have the best possible situation for him to win a championship, sans any hyperbolic Bron/D-Wade/Bosh scenarios. Kobe is L.A. The Lakers are his team. He wouldn’t find the appreciation from a fan base in any other city that he already receives in L.A.

As for Bron, the assumption should be made that he’ll re-sign in Cleveland. NBA superstars rarely leave their teams when they know the team can offer more years and money than any other squad. The exception to the rule is Shaq, when he left small-market Orlando for L.A. in ’96. But that was a different time in our country. The Internet was just taking off and there obviously weren’t the marketing opportunities available to small- and mid-market players that there are now. I read a great point today. Peyton Manning is the face of the NFL even though he plays in (perceived) podunk Indianapolis. Bron is bigger and badder, so he can thrive anywhere. It doesn’t have to be in L.A.




2 responses

11 03 2010
Page Seven

I hate articles like that one. What a stupid article to write. It’s the classic “I’m going to say something just because it goes against what most people think.” I’ve got $50 that Lazenby doesn’t even believe that crock of shit. LeBron isn’t going to the Lakers, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that. No matter what his “sources” say.

11 03 2010

Yeah, and Lazenby is the droll who predicted that Bron would be an average player when he first came into the league.

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