How to predict fantasy baseball production

10 03 2010

I’ve adapted my approach to fantasy sports during the last year. I value having fun more than ever in fantasy sports, as I really can’t take it as seriously as others in the industry. I enjoy playing the game but delving into complicated mathematical formulas just doesn’t do it for me. Lord knows some guys have to because it’s their full-time job. More power to them.

I prefer to use easy-to-understand metrics for predicting future performance. Sometimes that’s all you need, and the five stats I outlined in a new amNew York article go a long way to helping understand why a player has performed the way he has and how he might perform in the future. Hope you enjoy and remember — fantasy sports are meant for you to have fun. Try to leave the algebraic stuff aside.

Click on the link below to read the story:

Fantasy MLB (Peripheral stats)




One response

19 03 2010

a little stat searching is ok…always more fun when ya win.

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