Chatting with Eric Snow

4 03 2010

As a Lakers fan, Derek Fisher is the athlete who comes to mind when I think about the consummate role player who leads the team by example on and off the court. (And you would not believe how much time I sit in my living room chair pondering this topic.)

If I weren’t a Lakers fan, then I might think of Eric Snow first. He had quite a remarkable NBA career despite peaking as “only” a role player. He played on three teams — Seattle Supersonics, Philadelphia 76ers, Cleveland Cavaliers — and went to the NBA Finals with each club. Unfortunately for him, he was turned down in his quest for the ring each time. That’s because he went up against the three NBA dynasties of the past 20 years: the Jordan/Pippen Bulls (Sonics, ’96), the Shaq/Kobe Lakers (76ers, ’01) and the Duncan Spurs (Cavs, ’07).

To that end, he also was the backup for the ’90s’ greatest point guard (Gary Payton), and became a team leader while playing with Allen Iverson and LeBron James. Snow’s NBA connections are far and vast, so it was a pleasure to meet him and speak with him about his idea of leadership as he signed copies for his new book, Leading High Performers: The Ultimate Guide to Being a Fast, Fluid and Flexible Leader, at the NBA Store.

Click on the link below to read the story:

Eric Snow interview




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