New Yorkers have a fantasy bias

3 03 2010

Baseball season is here, my friends. (Taken by me)

Uptight fantasy sports nerds claim that a person should never draft a player because of team affiliation. Stay unemotional, say the nuts. If it were only possible for most people to be as boring and humorless as those guys, fantasy sports fans wouldn’t realize the game’s most appealing quality: talking trash to your buddies about the crappy players on their favorite team. After all, it is a fantasy game so you might as well have fun with it.

With that in mind, I thought it could make sense to write an amNew York fantasy baseball article for New Yorkers about which Mets and Yankees players they should know about and where they should be drafted. I typically write my fantasy sports coverage with a national focus but sometimes the local paper warrants local coverage. Hopefully all the Mets and Yanks fans can take my information and opinions and mesh it with their own to give them the best possible Mets- and Yankees-influenced fantasy teams they can draft.

Click on the link below to read the story:

Fantasy MLB (Yanks, Mets options)

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3 03 2010
Page Seven



Baseball is NOT here. Not yet dammit. I won’t let you spoil March Madness, and the NBA and NHL playoffs by talking about the most boring sport ever! Aside from golf.

3 03 2010


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