Most thrilling games I’ve watched

1 03 2010

After the energy and sense of urgency that was apparent in today’s USA-Canada men’s hockey gold medal match, I wanted to quickly jot down which games over the years have become the most memorable to me (in no particular order, aside from chronologically). What I remember about each following game is the sense of build-up leading into it and the incredible intensity throughout the contest:

  • USA-Canada Olympic gold medal match in men’s hockey (2010)
  • USA-Spain Olympic gold medal match in men’s basketball (2008)
  • New England Patriots-New York Giants Super Bowl (2008)
  • Southern Cal-Texas national football championship (2006)
  • Southern Cal-Notre Dame regular season game (2005)
  • New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox Game ALCS Game 4 (2004)
  • Los Angeles Lakers-Sacramento Kings Western Conference Finals Game 4 (2002)
  • Los Angeles Lakers-Portland Trail Blazers Western Conference Finals Game 7 (2000)
  • St. Louis Rams-New England Patriots Super Bowl (2001)
  • Chicago Bulls-Utah Jazz NBA Finals Game 6 (1998)

What am I missing?




3 responses

1 03 2010

06 mich/ohio state 2 undefeated (biased pick, even though we lost)
08 texas/texas tech regular reason crabtree’s catch
07 fiesta bowl boise st. oklahoma
01 world series game 7 mo blows it
06 nlcs endy chavez the catch (another biased pick, in another loss)

celtics over lakers doesn’t make the list?

1 03 2010

Good looking out on Boise St./Oklahoma and Game 7 ’01 World Series. The others weren’t so memorable to me but I can understand that they were to others.

Nah, there wasn’t one particular game from that Celtics/Lakers series that was super competitive from start to finish. Game 4 is probably considered a classic but that was simply a game that was a tale of two halves — not a great game altogether. Plus, I do whatever I can to pretend that series never happened. Lifetime bitterness.

1 03 2010
Page Seven

Steelers vs. Cardinals Super Bowl. Yes, I know it’s a biased pick, but that game was as good if not better than the Giants vs. Pats Super Bowl.

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