My YouTube channel

21 02 2010

YouTube is the overlooked social networking Web site. People want to market themselves through blogs, Facebook and Twitter and all those formats definitely serve a useful purpose. YouTube just provides a different window through which you can understand someone’s personality, likes/dislikes and on and on. As a sports fan, there isn’t a better outlet for me to relive all my favorite plays, games and commercials.

Yet there is so much more beyond sports. I created a YouTube channel with the intention of grabbing all the memorable sports clips I could find, then gravitating beyond that and searching for movies, TV shows and random videos from YouTubers. Hope you enjoy and be sure to check back often for new videos I add.

FYI: I chose NYsportswriter as my channel’s name since KyleStack wasn’t available, prompting me to give my channel the same name as my Twitter handle.



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