Tiger Woods — that’s the headline

19 02 2010

I’ll give Tiger credit for this: At least he owned up and accepted full responsibility for his actions during his “press conference.” As ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd pointed out, we haven’t seen that same level of admission from Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Pete Rose, Bill Clinton, John Edwards and numerous other famous people caught up in controversial and/or immoral acts.

There are a few facets of Tiger’s conference that I didn’t find satisfactory. The limit on media and the ‘no questions’ rule are obviously frustrating to me, since I’m a writer/reporter. But Tiger’s camp’s explanation that they held the conference today because it’s his last step before to returning to therapy is baloney. They probably held the conference today because the news cycle slows down over the weekend. Radio show hosts and other news outlets have today to analyze the conference, but they won’t have that luxury the next two days. By hosting the admission conference on a Friday, Tiger and his team ensured that the reaction from it will be rampant today, then slow down during the weekend and become less relevant Monday, since there will also be various weekend sports and news events to cover. It was a crafty move; I just wish Tiger’s team would admit that was a reason for opting to hold it today.

I refuse to accept Tiger’s excuse that all his actions should be dealt with privately. He’s the one who carried his affairs with such recklessness and in such a public manner. His use of text and voicemail messages displayed nothing of the disciplined person we were so accustomed to seeing on the golf course. Did he honestly believe he could leave a voicemail for one of his skanks and that they wouldn’t broadcast it in a public forum? The women he chose to hook up with are obviously opportunistic and desperate for attention. And the fact that he hung out with the women in clubs and other public venues and even hooked up in parking lots proves that he’s not entitled to his privacy. If he can flaunt his infildelity so publicly, then he can air his dirty laundry the same way.

I’m still looking forward to the day when we see him on the first tee. After all, he’s the best athlete in the world.




One response

19 02 2010

the timing is 100% planned to minimize (as much as possible, despite like a dozen stations broadcasted it live) exposure in the 24/7 news cycle, but the Tiger team would never admit that otherwise they’d be pretty bad PR people. They had to make it seem like it was his only week off of rehab, so it had to be Friday even though he was available for comment since Monday and seen jogging and practicing golf on Wed/Thurs

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