Quotes of the Week IV

14 02 2010

Well, I’m two and a half days late on this and there are fewer quotes than in the first three editions. So shoot me. Don’t complain, just go back to watching curling or ice skating like I know you’re doing. I’ll watch the biathlon. (Gil Arenas is definitely watching, too.)
LeBron James after torching the Knicks for 47 points on Feb. 6:
“It’s nothing personal. It’s strictly business.”

Saints head coach Sean Payton on his night in bed with the Super Bowl trophy:

“Rolled over it a couple times. I probably drooled on it.”

Timberwolves general manager David Kahn discussing why he won’t trade any “key” players during the season from the then-13-38 T’Wolves:
“It would be a mistake of epic proportions.”

Shaquille O’Neal describing how championship teams are assembled:
“Championship teams either have a 1-2 punch and three OK jabs, or one knockout punch and four nice, stiff jabs.”

ESPN radio show host Colin Cowherd citing an example for why the NBA should drop its age rule:

“We don’t hold it against a 14-year-old European girl who wants to become a fashion model dropping out of a high school trying to be the next Gisele and she ends up doing blow with her boyfriend Pepe and becomes a loser.”

U.S. Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn on what she was doing to rehab her bruised right shin:
“I wrap my leg in cheese and it takes the swelling down.”

Answer to question on Hattiesburg, Miss. — Brett Favre’s hometown — billboard bought by Vikings fans about whether they love Favre:
“You Brettcha.” Just shoot me now.

Pistons coach John Kuester uttering five words that officially indicate an NBA franchise sucks after a Kings-Pistons game Feb. 10:
“[Beno] Udrih just lit us up.”

Non-sports quote too good to leave out
Adam Chamy, 22, resident of Washington D.C., on why he couldn’t shovel snow on the sidewalk in front of his house:
“I’m from Texas. I don’t know about these things.”




3 responses

15 02 2010
Page Seven

I wonder if anyone would care about Vonn if she wasn’t so hot? Hmmm…

15 02 2010


15 02 2010

I’m not even that sold on her.

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