Super Bowl questions

7 02 2010

Here are my questions in preparation for Super Sunday:

Which company will disappoint with the worst commercial(s) — Budweiser, Go Daddy or

How anti-climatic will Tim Tebow’s commercial be?

Why the hell don’t I watch the NHL more? I’m checking Caps/Pens on NBC and in the first half of the first period Sid has scored two goals and there have been three mini-fights/altercations.

How many new camera angles will CBS introduce for today’s game?

At what point of “The Who”‘s performance will I turn my attention to something else? For the record, I like the band. It’s just that their best work is from the ’60s.

Will Reggie Bush repeat Devin Hester’s opening kickoff against the Colts?

More Kim Kardashian and less of anything else would make a good Super Bowl today.

How many shots do we get of Kim Kardashian, Bush’s girlfriend, in the stands?

Why hasn’t KK’s enterprising self allowed fans to auction for her to discard various pieces of clothing as she sits in her seat/luxury box?

How many times will I curse CBS for showing us Archie/Olivia/Eli/Cooper Manning instead of KK?

At what point does Jim Nantz break down, cry and thank all the viewers for joining him on an emotionally gratifying sports telecast?

Will Freeney line up on the left side if he does play, thus using his good ankle for his push-off from the line?

How long does Freeney last? How many times does CBS show trainers working on Freeney on the sidelines?

When does Peyton split the seam with a perfect pass?

Which receiver — Dallas, Garcos, Pierre, Wayne, Bush, Colston, Devery — will get 100 yards first?

If Tony Dungy is interviewed during the game, will he act as if the Colts already won?

Will we see a rushing touchdown in this game?

Which linebacker — Gary Brackett or Jonathan Vilma — will have a bigger game?

Does Vilma crush his former The U teammate Reggie Wayne if Wayne runs an under route across the middle?

How many beers can I drink before halftime so that I’m sober enough to enjoy the second half?

In a related question, how many beers will I go through before I start yelling without regard to anyone else at the party?

Who will be the game’s MVP?

Can we finally get a streaker that the Super Bowl deserves?



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