Quotes of the Week III

5 02 2010

I was sure I’d catch a great quote on Super Bowl Week’s Media Day, but it seems as if teams these days are concerned about providing the opposition with poster board material. So, there isn’t much from the Super Bowl. Thankfully, the rest of the sports world gave us enough humor.

A Georgetown student admonishing an obscene chant from a fellow student during the Jan. 30 Georgetown-Duke contest which President Barack Obama attended:

“Dude, the president of the United States is right there.”

Willis McGahee in a Twitter response to ex-The U teammate Bryant McKinnie’s claim that he was too injured to represent the NFC in the Pro Bowl:
“that’s bull shit.”

Kobe Bryant after he went against Allen Iverson in a Jan. 29 contest:

“We can score when we’re 70 years old.”

Herschel Walker after he won his first MMA bout with a third-round TKO victory:
“First, let me thank my opponent for giving me the opportunity to fight him because it’s tough to fight an old man.”

Anonymous scout/coach/front-office representative of a NFL team speaking to Pro Football Weekly:

“Brett Favre is amazing. He is really fun to watch…he looks like he has another 10 years left in him.”

Ex-Cincinnati wide receiver and NFL Draft prospect Mardy Gilyard speaking from experience about the intense interviews given by the New England Patriots to draft prospects:
“They know everything. They know if you blink wrong, if your eyelash falls out, your shoe’s untied, if you put on one little sock and one big sock, they know exactly what order you put your pantleg on. They know everything. The NFL knows everything.”

NFL agent Neil Schwartz discussing new collective bargaining agreement negotiations between the league and the player’s union:
“If we can’t get this resolved, we will collectively be the dumbest people on the planet.” Let’s hold Neil to that statement since it appears likely the cast of Jersey Shore will lose their ‘Dumbest People’ title to the NFL and its players.

Kobe Bryant on what he said to Phil Jackson in the huddle before his game-winning shot against the Celtics on Jan. 31:
“I didn’t say give me one more chance. I said give me the damn ball.”

Jets head coach Rex Ryan in a message to Dolphins fans the same night he was caught on a cell phone photo flipping off a taunting Dolphins fan:
“I want to just tell everybody in Miami, hey, we’re coming to beat you twice next year.”

Ron Artest on his pregame pushing match with Paul Pierce before the Lakers-Celtics Jan. 31 contest:
“If you’re not strong enough, you shouldn’t be fighting with me. If you really can’t match my strength then why even try to pick a fight? Why even try to tussle?”

Kevin Harlan in response to a sideline shot of JaMarcus Russell wearing so much jewelry at an NBA game that he looked like a cross between Mr. T and Master P on the cover of “Da Last Don”:
“If he spent as much time in the film room as he did at the jewelry store, he’d be a much better quarterback.”

Warriors head coach Don Nelson on Vladimir Radmanovic:
“He’s been disgraceful when I’ve played him. But I’ve got to get something out of him.”

Jaguars guard Uche Nwaneri writing to fans on a team message board after a pro-Tebow local bank teller failed to give Nwaneri one thing Tebow could do to help the Jags on the field:
“this is my top 5 things you should know before you assume Tim Tebow will [be] the tebow jesus in teal town.
5. He cant throw. PERIOD.
4. He cant read any coverage other than probably cover 2 or man cov. PERIOD (the only cov. in college lol)
2. He doesn’t know how to take a snap from center, nor is he even comfortable enough to.
1. HE CAN’T THROW. and thats really something you either have or not, never seen a qb who couldnt ever throw, just all of a sudden beable to throw just because hes now in the NFL.”

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on the state of his team:
“We suck right now.”

Roy Jones Jr. on his April 3 fight against Bernard Hopkins:
“Now I can finally terminate the ‘Executioner’ once and for all. My new nickname for this fight will be ‘The Terminator.'”

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti showing that he should stick to football team ownership:
“If I’m a Yankees fan, I’m upset we’re not winning 130 games with the roster that they have and the money that they pay out. I think it’s a disgrace they only beat the average team by 10 games in the standings with three times the money. I’d fire that GM. You don’t need a GM. All you have to do is buy the last Cy Young Award winner every year.”

Jersey Shore quote too good to leave out
Snooki on her manners in public:
“I’m not trashy unless I drink too much.”




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