12 best NBA dunks

16 01 2010


Football has gut-wrenching hits, baseball has steroid-laced home runs and hockey has those plays where the guy lifts the puck off the ice with his stick and drops it over the goalie’s shoulder. Every sport has its quintessential play and for basketball, it’s the in-game slam dunk. Nothing gets the crowd roaring and the mood pulsating, unless of course there are random players running into the stands to knock the hell out of the fans.

For this Maxim.com piece, I pieced together the NBA’s 12 best in-game dunks. (You’ll notice that one isn’t from an NBA game but is obviously worthy of its inclusion.)

A few notes about the videos on this list:

-My favorite call was the play-by-play guy on the first Kemp dunk. Yeahhhh baby!

-The Varejao smile in the Wade dunk comes right as the 15 seconds turns to 16. Watch for it.

-I have problems viewing the vids on Maxim.com. They become really choppy, although they ease up if you re-play them after the first time. If you click on each video, it’ll open a new page to the YouTube page on which the video exists and it plays the vid at a much smoother rate. So try that if the video links on the Maxim.com page run a little choppy.



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