NFL players shedding, gaining weight

17 12 2009

Finding Their Ideal Weight

This article takes a look at Glenn Dorsey (Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle) and Tony Carter (Denver Broncos cornerback). Dorsey and Carter worked with the same performance training team to prepare them for the NFL Draft. (Dorsey was in the ’08 draft and Carter followed a year later.)

Even though they worked with the same team, their training took them in opposite directions. Dorsey was overweight, Carter was underweight. Dorsey had to lower his body fat percentage and ramp up his quickness. Carter needed to pack on a few pounds to ensure he could survive the physical nature of the NFL, but he had to do so while maintaining the speed and quickness that is so vital at his position.

This article recaps how each player was able to meet his weight goal with the help of trainer Tom Shaw and dietitian Rikki Keen.




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