Proud to be an American

9 12 2009

I found this video on’s Extra Mustard section and posted it to Facebook claiming that if aliens were to visit our planet, they could watch this to figure out 90 percent of what the United States of America is all about. I think I’m onto something here.  The video provides the following examples of American culture:

Crazed football fans, a big-screen TV, lots of guns, beer, people yelling, pickup trucks, Facebook, gambling references, annoying sports chants, hunting gear, laugh-out-loud Southern accents, a woman with possibly no teeth, an obviously wasted old guy bragging about his Smith & Wesson and people tackling a shot-up TV while their drunk friends cheer them on.

Face it: There is nothing more American than this video. All we need is a Clint Black or Garth Brooks song in the background and those hypothetical aliens could go home fully satisfied that they had us figured out.



One response

10 12 2009
Page Seven

Dear god, that was fucking beautiful. I had to wait until I got home from work to watch it, and it did not disappoint. The climax was for sure the guy “tackling” the TV.

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