Absurdly good sports therapy ideas

4 12 2009

Patently Absurd (Pain Relief)

In my first clip in ESPN Magazine, I help Brett Deutsch (who has a running Patently Absurd column for the magazine) explore the world of sports therapy products. We researched the most notorious products on the market and when and how they were first invented.

The idea for the sports therapy theme arose from my reading an article in the Bozeman (MT) Chronicle about a local couple who invented a product called the Morris Boot. The couple, both of whom are former athletic trainers, invented this “boot” (it’s really a plastic bag) that looks like a big Christmas stocking yet allows an athlete to ice an ankle and still be mobile, using the ziplock strap at the top to enclose the bag around the leg. (There is a compartment inside the bag that separates the ice from the foot.) You can find the boot here.

I proposed this story as a small item to an editor and was then introduced to Brett and his column. From there, we started researching more therapy products and came upon items like the Chilly Billy, a slew of magnetic therapy products and more.

That’s the how this piece developed. Hope you enjoy it.



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