The Book of Basketball (continued…)

29 11 2009

I’m on page 500.  Amazingly, there are 200 more to go. I must say that Simmons’ writing style is waring me down. There has been a growing anti-Simmons presence on the Web in the past year or two (Deadspin is a leading Simmons basher), and I’m starting to understand why. The guy’s insistence on telling us everything he foresaw is beginning to grate on me.

This was brought up by my buddy Chris, who already finished the book. At first, I refuted it and believed that maybe Chris had been spending way too many hours looking at Deadspin. But I see his point. Throughout the footnotes, Simmons continually pounds into the reader’s head how we predicted this or that, or how we was responsible for inciting a particular event through his writing. What capped it for me was on page 499 when he said in a footnote that a 2007 column in which he bashed LeBron James helped spur James to finish the ’06-’07 season on a rampage.

If Simmons were to make these types of references a handful of times, then it could be funny. Instead, he insinuates his role in players’ success so often that it’s almost too obnoxious to continue reading. And yet I still do.

Oh, one more thing that I can’t stand (yet I predicted before I read the book!) is his nonstop gloating of all things Celtics. I can’t recall him going to town on one Celtic in his player rankings, and I just passed Cousy. When there is a negative point to be made about one of his beloved Celtics, he conveniently references another person to dole out the criticism. Of course, I’m expecting roughly 7 rape jokes in the Kobe chapter, whom I predict he’ll rank at #14.




One response

30 11 2009

Exactly man. It gets old really quick. But I guess we’re the idiots here, because we kind of knew he’d be writing like that, but bought the book anyway.

And yeah, the Celtic-mentions are a little much. I’m glad to have finished it, but I’m going to be very hesitant to buy another book by him again. If I ever do, that is.

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