Bill Simmons stole my idea

16 11 2009

Alright, the title probably isn’t true. I like Bill Simmons and won’t tear into him like Deadspin does. But it’s very eery that his 18th recommendation of 33 to improve the NBA — detailed on page 264 of The Book of Basketball — is precisely what I proposed in a May 2 post on this blog. It’s essentially that Isiah Thomas, due to all the horrific decisions he’s made during his career (ruining the CBA, ruining the Knicks), should have a reality show in which he operates various businesses.

Here is the idea from his book:

“18. I wish Isiah Thomas would be given his own reality TV show where he takes over businesses, stores and companies and runs them into the ground (like a cross between 30 Days and Wife Swap). In one episode, he could take over a popular Starbucks and immediately fire the most popular barista, raise the prices of chewy marshmallow squares and trade the store’s only espresso machine for a six-month supply of soy milk. The following week, he could become a casino pit boss in Vegas and immediately raise every blackjack table to $25, ban smoking, get rid of every American-born blackjack dealer and force the waitresses to wear more clothes. On and on it would go.”

You can read my post here:

Odd, indeed. I’m sure Simmons came up with the idea on his own. He’s been torching the man for years (and rightly so). It’s just cool to see that people think alike on the ideas of embarrassing Thomas. Now an entire generation of young basketball fans knows him only from his failures and not from his greatness as one of the NBA’s best point guards and fiercest competitors.

P.S. It’s November 15, and I’m on page 265.




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