Veteran’s Day

13 11 2009

I’m a day late writing about Veteran’s Day, but it’s never too late to thank the brave men and women who fight and have fought for our country. I don’t consider myself a patriot, necessarily. I prefer not to label myself as a particular type of person. But I feel like I have the self-awareness to step out of my little own world and recognize why I can sit here at 10:58 on a Thursday night drinking a beer (Sam Adams Blackberry Witbier) and watching NBA ball. It’s because our country has always contained a certain group of people courageous and motivated enough to voluntarily defend our country.

Even in cases where our citizens have been drafted, they’ve shown the capacity to adjust and carry out their duties. It doesn’t take much to recognize the incredible effect our armed forces have had on our nation’s development. It doesn’t even take a ‘thank you’ to a veteran when you see one. (Although that’s never a bad idea.) All it takes is for everyone to spend five minutes of their day to remind themselves how thankful they should be that there is a group of men and women willing to fight to protect us and our country’s values.




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