10 11 2009

This wasn’t necessarily my first choice for a new theme. I actually wanted INove, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to permit the posting of PDFs. What I mean by that is if you click on the link to any of the Pages on the toolbar above here or to the right, such as ‘amNew York’, you’ll be presented with the articles I’ve written for that publication. Then it takes two more clicks before rapidly opening the PDF to view the article. INove, for whatever reason, doesn’t provide a clickable link to the PDF. If it does, and you know how to set that up, please e-mail me at

I’ll probably stick with this theme for awhile, although it bothers me that I can’t fit all the Pages at the top. Such is life. We don’t always get everything we want. Hope this theme is more ‘readable’ and, as always, feel free to post any comments.




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10 11 2009
Jason Brodlieb

Things that catch my eye are beautiful cars, beautiful women, beautiful women in cars (beautiful) and EXPLOSIONS. Randomly add any of those and you have gold my boy.

10 11 2009

I would say a blogger needs to remember that its about the blog not about confusing my eye and distracting from the words that are written. Keep the color scheme simple, too many bright colors subtract from the reader’s concentration.

Also font should not be undervalued, Ariel and Courier fonts work nicely from headers and subheads but don’t work well as body text. Times New Roman is common but by far my fav is Garamond, they have flowing shapes that help move the eye from one word to the next.

Large photos work at the top of pages but don’t forget about zooming in on a photo. Textures of canvas or rain drops surfaces are always great options.

Dang I didn’t mean to write that much but once I started I couldn’t stop. 🙂

12 11 2009


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