Joe Morgan projects his voice

25 10 2009
Yankee Stadium from the subway platform after Game 6 was called due to Mother Nature.

Yankee Stadium from the subway platform after Game 6 was called due to Mother Nature.

Andy Pettitte was supposed to be on the mound right now. Chone Figgins would be at the plate, and Pettitte would be digging his right foot into mound, preparing to toss the game’s opening pitch. And I would be aside a cameraman shooting the contest, documenting the process of filming a Major League Baseball playoff game. Instead, I’m sitting on my all-too-comfortable black leather couch in my Long Island City bedroom, listening to Dave Matthews and the pouring rain outside.

Although rain had been on the weather radar all day, MLB was willing to test everything Mother Nature had to offer, right up until MN showed that it can be a serious bitch. I reached Yankee Stadium at 5:35 pm and jettisoned over to Gate 2, where I thought I would pick up my credential for the night. However, they told me they didn’t have it and that the Press Gate (located next to Gate 4) was the credential pickup spot. Clearly, I’m a rookie.

Press Credential

As my friend Chris might say, I'm an Important Person.

So after dealing with that issue (my name wasn’t on any of the Press Credential packets due to a clerical error, so I received a fresh cred on the spot), I made it back to Gate 2. From there, I would simultaneously wait for my contact and prepare to meet the camera crew I’d be trailing the entire night. I stepped into the lobby for Gate 2 and found an area near the entrance to wait and to prepare a few more questions. I had just put pen to paper when, lo and behold, I heard The Voice.

I looked to my right and sitting on a black leather coach was a smallish black man wearing one of those golf hats that Payne Stewart used to rock. And he was talking LOUD. Of course, it had to be Joe Morgan. He was waxing poetic on some inconsequential topic with two intrigued, older white guys sitting opposite him.

Anyway, I immediately texted my buddy Tanner, who might dislike Morgan’s dismissive generalizations of advanced baseball statistics more than anyone else I know. Some people, like me, can’t stand Morgan because he’s so self-indulgent and uptight. Tanner can’t stand him because (I think) he despises Morgan’s resistance to new ideas.

So I facetiously asked Tanner if he’d like me to pass on a message to Mr. Morgan, and he texted back, “Tell him I hate him.” Yeah, he’s not a fan. Surprising as it might seem, I didn’t say that. I didn’t even approach the man who also might be the greatest second baseman in baseball history. I contemplated sneakily taking a cell phone pic of Joe while pretending to look through a text/e-mail, but I decided against it at the last minute. You know, I figured it’d be better not to act like a 16-year-old for a night.

What made Morgan’s speech (he was talking about a possible Yanks/Phils matchup) so entertaining was that even with him talking at a decibel level rivaling that of a Metallica concert, seemingly nobody else in the lobby noticed. There must have been 10 or so workers and another 20-25 people circulating through the area, yet only the two white guys were noticeably intrigued. Even an older Hispanic woman sitting on the couch next to the white guys was twirling her hair and looking away from Morgan as he spoke.

It hit me as so appropriate. Morgan was talking and practically nobody was listening, apparently tuning out the drivel coming out of this talkative and self-important man’s mouth. At that moment I felt like capping off the moment by walking up to Morgan and saying, “Tanner has a message for you!” and then punching him in the face! Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow.




2 responses

25 10 2009

frame that media pass…

27 10 2009

“One punching” Joe Morgan would have been a Hall of Fame Moment!!

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