Adjust to fantasy NBA

22 10 2009

Fantasy NBA (How to play)

Most of you reading this probably have played fantasy football. Slightly fewer of you have given fantasy baseball a shot. Yet I bet that if 20 people were to read this post (an ambitious mark given how much I market this blog, mind you), I’d reason only one or two had ever played fantasy basketball.

I can’t figure out why other than that the NBA season runs just a tad too long for people to hold the necessary patience to participate. Fantasy football is easy since you have to update your roster once per week. Plus, luck plays such a big factor that newcomers can enjoy it from the beginning.

Fantasy baseball takes skill and a huge level of commitment, but the game is so naturally apart of our country’s mentality that it’s easier to find others who will play. And that’s precisely the problem with fantasy basketball. Even if you want to play, can you think of more than two or three friends who’ll join?

If you do want to play, I suggest you read my amNY piece on four things that make it a unique fantasy sport. Just don’t whine to me if your team ends up more dysfunctional than the Golden State Warriors.



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