Make the umpires stop

21 10 2009

It continues to be a running joke that has ironically taken off the heat of the NBA’s inability to form a new contract agreement with its referees: MLB’s utterly incompetent umpires constantly making bad calls at the worst times. We had two more encounters within minutes of each other last night.

Top of the fourth inning, 3-0 Yankees, runners on first and second, one out. Scott Kazmir — whom Tim McCarver kept referring to as ‘cashmere’ (or was it ‘Kashmir’?) — turned around to pick off a sagging Nick Swisher off second base. The throw was perfectly spotted between Swisher’s outstretched hand and second base as he desperately tried to get back to the base. The tag was made, but, alas, the umpire saw something different from what the scoreboard clearly showed on replay seconds later. (Quick side note: If you were watching the game, did you laugh out loud at the crowd’s boos after they saw the wrong call was made? The only time I’d expect that Orange County crowd to react that negatively is when a neighborhood Starbucks is closing.)

So, the Angels are denied the second out. Derek Jeter subsequently walks, loading the bases for Johnny Damon. Everybody’s favorite Jesus lookalike flies out to center field, apparently knocking in Swisher from third on what was for all intents and purpopses a sacrifice fly. Only the third base umpire, who replays show was clearly looking at the ball flying to center field, says that Swisher tagged off third base before Angels center fielder Torii Hunter caught the ball. Once again, the replays clearly show otherwise.

We all know the saying “two wrongs equal a right” but why must umpires take it so literally? Don’t penalize the Yankees by making up for a poor call earlier. Instead of making two horrific calls, why can’t the umps just settle for one?

Of course, it kind of proved moot the next inning when Alex Rodriguez turned another pitch into a souvenir for some poor Angels fan. The umps surely couldn’t screw up the home run call at that point.



One response

21 10 2009

I was watching this game and it was unreal. If an ump fucks up a call, he can’t have a “make-up” call to make it all good. It’s just stupid.

There really is nothing worse than after a playoff game, talking about the umps or refs instead of the actual game.

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