Deconstructing Matt Wieters

13 08 2009

Deconstructing Matt Wieters

My latest contribution, via, is above. I had a chance to trade for Wieters in a dynasty league a few months ago. It was actually just before his callup and his owner, if my memory serves correct, wanted Zach Greinke, Josh Beckett and one or two more pieces. I think I was to get a prospect or two in return but I shut it down. 

I was splitting time between second and third place then and didn’t want to compromise my season by trading two stud pitchers for a rookie hitter. Now that I’ve nosedived into fourth place (fifth has my name on it any day now), I have a slight regret at not catching Wieters when I had the chance. On the other hand, Jason Jaramillo has more RBIs than Wieters in a quarter fewer at-bats. 

You fantasy baseball nerds reading this can figure out whether or not you want to target Wieters in future trade discussions.



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