The Walk of Shame

9 07 2009

I was watching Mike Pelfrey saunter off the mound during last night’s Dodgers-Mets game when I realized nobody has ever booed me after a bad day of work. Imagine that. How would you feel if a sizeable portion of 50,000 people called you an idiot and compared your mom to a piece of garbage as you left your job? 

As if it’s not bad enough to perform poorly at work, can you picture having to take a load of crap from some random dude who doesn’t know the first thing about your career? Face it, we’d be Michael Bolton from Office Space and the booing jerk-off would be a copy machine. No way would most of us take the Walk of Shame in a graceful manner.




2 responses

9 07 2009

Dude, if I was getting paid millions, I’d let 50,000 people boo me all they want.

1 08 2009

as a met fan, i thoroughly enjoy BOOing the hell out of my team and i’ve done it quite often this season. it’s become quit an endearing tradition.

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