A couple Saturday thoughts

28 06 2009

I’ve been wanting to make some posts, but I’ll make this quick before a couple longer notes tomorrow.

I’ve noticed a couple things watching baseball today:

-Why does Ken Rosenthal talk so damn slow? I understand the need to avoid talking faster than Stuart Scott after three Red Bulls, but my goodness, it’s like Rosenthal has some unofficial contest with Al Gore and Ben Stein to see who can be the most boring fucker on the planet. Just after writing that sentence, I remembered that Rosenthal works for the same network as Joe Buck.

-David Wright attempted to catch a Robinson Cano foul popup during tonight’s Mets-Yankees game, only to be interfered with by a fan — a Yanks fan at that. It didn’t technically count as interference since Wright was leaning over into the seats to catch a ball that was out of the field of play, but it was obvious he would’ve snatched it had Douchebag Yankees fan not meddled. Of course, Douchebag Yankees fan preceded to cheer and make a showing of it that he denied Wright an out and extended Cano’s at-bat.

It always annoys me when fans take pride in messing with a live play, as if their exorbitantly-priced ticket is supposed to serve as justification.




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