Welcome to the NBA, Blake Griffin

20 05 2009

The NBA Lottery order for the upcoming draft was held last night, and the Clippers ended up winning the No. 1 overall pick. Hopefully this works better for them than in ’98, when they chose “The Kandi Man” — Michael Olowokandi — first overall. Uhh, yeahhhh. Now Blake Griffin will be selected, and…oh, wait, I’m forgetting something. Nothing — NOTHING — is set in stone when the Clippers make a decision. Watch Mike Dunleavy take Hashim Thabeet.  

Does the NBA want another dynamite young big man on the West Coast anyway? Andrew Bynum and Greg Oden are gonna be at least very good, if not great, big men. The perception that they’re busts is completely ill-sighted. Give these guys time to develop into their bodies, experience on the court and so on.

I feel bad for Griffin, though. The Clippers can’t get anything right. We thought Shaun Livingston would be the guy to break the Clipper Curse, and then this happened:


The Clipper Curse continues

The Clipper Curse continues

For some reason, the only video of this on YouTube is so grainy it makes it look like the ’50s.

Anyway, I think I’ll end it on that note. For any Clippers fan reading this post, well, amen and good luck.



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