A new level of awkwardness

6 04 2009

The wonderful aspect of live television is that most people aren’t smart enough or mature enough (or both) to appear live in the first place. Example A is Emmitt Smith, who challenged Tim Hardaway for Most Inept Athlete-turned-Analyst in his seasons with ESPN. Among Mr. Smith’s most obvious slip-ups was his failure to properly repeat the famous Jimmy Valvano line, “Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.” When trying to recite the line, Smith said, on-air, “Don’t quit. Don’t even quit.” You almost feel bad for him until you remember how much money he has. 

Anyway, live TV also sets the scene for inflammatory remarks, often off-the-cuff. And there is nothing more off-the-cuff than the video below, starring the great Cheryl Miller and the Man of One Thousand Facial Hair Changes, Scot Pollard. Miller is one of the greatest women players of all-time, and she could probably punk just about any man not in the NBA. Pollard is just a punk who’s known far more for all the crazy different hair styles he wore through his years than his game. And that’s because the man sat on the bench so much that nobody knew if he could even play. 

The following is a level of awkwardness and hate that would make any staged reality show jealous. You can’t make up this stuff.



One response

6 04 2009

Did that really air??? Hilarious!!

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