31 03 2009

Deconstructing Carlos Zambrano

Okay, so I’ve searching throughout the Internet for a way to embed PDFs into Word Press blogs. Make that, EASY ways to embed PDFs into Word Press blogs. Lo and behold, there is a relatively easy way, although my next step is to find a way to make that image appear initially on my blog. 

What you have to do is click on the above link, then click again on an image which will subsequently appear. Then you’ll be brought to the actual PDF, which is my first post in what will be a weekly column for RotoExperts.com and SportsIllustrated.com this season. It’s called Deconstructing…, and I pick one player each week to deconstruct. It basically will consistent of analyzing the underlying statistics of unpredictable players. Through the statistical analysis, the reader should become more comfortable with assessing how genuine a player’s past stats have been. Predicting stats is not something I claim to have the ability to do, but understanding past stats help set a more realistic vision for future performance.

Anyway, just click a couple times and read the damn article.




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